Virtual Academy (Online Program)

An improved virtual remote learning 2.0 (Virtual Academy) is planned with the goal and intention to make it an option for all families at all times, as well as in the time of intermittent closure/absence due to sickness. The model will be more robust than the Spring 2020 model and is being designed with support and feedback from families, staff, and current research on best practices in remote learning environments.

All students will initially be taught using this online format until it is safe to return to school. This Virtual Academy is also available for students and families who want a long-term online option instead of returning to a part or full in-person experience.

The Skamania Virtual Academy will join an online community staffed by Skamania School District teachers and support staff. It will be similar to going to school in person with comprehensive graded lessons and support, direct instruction, and required attendance.

The learning standards and learning goals will be the same as for students in a physical classroom. The methods for achieving and demonstrating standards might be different, but the goals will be the same. For example, a mix of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (recorded) lessons could be used along with projects, presentations, and portfolios for students to demonstrate their learning.

Virtual Academy Program

Initial communicationRobo call, email, website that outlines the plan and the upcoming back to school night.
Enrollment PeriodAny student enrolled at Skamania School may participate as long as it is necessary.
Progress GradesYes, at the end of each trimester.
Back to school night before school startsBy appointment for chromebook pick up, basic start up instruction, and initial assignments.
Class Session with TeacherBoth live and recorded sessions will occur daily.

Some evening instruction time will be available so parents can be involved (after hour support).
State Certified Instructional StaffYes
Student Attendance Required and taken daily
CurriculumCombination of standards based-created curriculum and vendor-supported designed for an online format.

Google classroom will be the platform used for all grades.
Personalized learning planEach student will have a personalized plan in order to accommodate for a variety of abilities.

This mastery-based model with a tracking system is currently in development.

Creative ‘home options’ will be considered to count toward school requirements and for students to study according to their interests.
ChromebooksProvided through check out prior to school starting.
School-Based ActivitiesSuspended until it is safe to return in small groups.
State AssessmentsYes
Wifi/Internet ServicesMay be provided for a limited number of students who qualify (free/reduced).

A hotspot will be provided in the Skamania School parking lot.
Paper/Printed PacketsSupplemental paper/packets with a variety of modality, i.e, STEM activities, projects, etc.

Distribution plan and/or delivered printed home packets will be considered. Emailed packets and completed homework may be an option.
Counseling Services ProvidedAvailable for all students.
Health Education and ServicesHealth services are not available until students return to school. Services at school will be based on a student Health Management Plan.

COVID health and protection instruction may be given as part of health class.
Special Education ServicesThe special education team will work directly with families to schedule required in-person (when safe) or online instruction and/or therapies.
Nutrition Services/mealsThose who qualify may pick up meals at school (free/reduced).
Paid lunches may be available for pick up.
We are exploring 1-2 drop areas for food in the community.
Adult Support Needed at HomeYes (see next box for additional support to parents).
Additional support for parentsEach student will be assigned a mentor who will support and encourage the student in the online experience.

Teachers will have regular office hours for parents and students. Some evening hours, after 6:00 pm, will be offered.

A fall parent/teacher conference will be conducted online or in person, if safe, during September.

A school age childcare (fee based) option is being explored. See survey.

Regular technology training will be offered for parents (troubleshoot options and support).

Students may contact their mentor with specific questions.
SpecialistsRegular online classes for music, PE, and social skill instruction will be held.
TutorsOne-on-one tutors/mentors will be available for those students who struggle with accessing online instruction.
In -person instructionThis option will be provided on a limited basis when there is a county decline in COVID. Students may be invited to return by appointment in special cases based on needs and age. The initial priority will be given to students in TK -through 2nd grade and special education.

We will make an attempt to schedule students on a specific day to help with scheduling for parents.

Transportation will be provided.

Outdoor STEM activity options in local parks may occur.
PTO community support Small groups of parents and students will meet and support each other.

Parent forum supports/facebook support.

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