Highly Capable Program (HiCap) & Basic Education

The Highly Capable Program (HCP) can provide instruction, activities and services that accelerate learning while offering a unique academic challenge for young learners identified as highly capable. To be eligible for identification, students must be enrolled in a school district. Skamania School District strives to provide these learning opportunities for our highly capable students. These opportunities are provided in a variety of ways—both in and out of the classroom.

Eligibility & Testing

Students who display exceptional cognitive, academic, and/or creative abilities may be eligible for enrollment in the HiCap Program. One method of consideration is for a student to earn a qualifying score on a standardized assessment of intellectual ability. Beginning the 2022-23 school year, the school district will administer the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) to all 2nd graders and to any other students who are referred by parents, teachers, or community members. Students receive a score on a scale of 1 to 9 on the CogAT. Students who earn a 9 automatically qualify. Additional information is considered for those who earn lower scores—with some priority given to those who earn a 7 or 8.

Parents/guardians who believe that their student may qualify and benefit from our highly capable program can submit a parent referral form. If you are the parent of a 2nd grade student, and you do NOT want your child to be tested, please complete the opt out form and return it to the office immediately.

Program Questions

Please call or email Mrs. Chavarria at 509-427-8239 or kchavarria@skamania.k12.wa.us if you have any questions about our HiCap Program or the screening process.

Program Background

Washington’s HCP is established in state law (RCW) and administered through program rules (WAC) adopted by OSPI.

  • RCW 28A.150.220(3)(g)(3) The instructional program of basic education provided by each school district shall include: (g) Programs for highly capable students under RCW 28A.185.010 through 28A.185.030.
  • RCW 28A.185.020 The legislature finds that, for highly capable students, access to accelerated learning and enhanced instruction is access to a basic education.

WAC 392-170-012 For highly capable students, access to accelerated learning and enhanced instruction is access to a basic education. School districts may access basic education funds, in addition to highly capable categorical funds, to provide appropriate highly capable student programs.