Do you remember the eruption of Mount St Helens? Well, I bet you definitely remember the 2017 Eagle Creek Fire that tore through OUR gorge. Have you wondered how you can prepare for any significant disaster? Do you live in the western part of Skamania County?

If so, there will be a briefing that might truly help you prepare for “The Big One” or other smaller disasters.

Here are the specifics:

Skamania School 122 Butler Loop Road in Skamania

Tuesday, September 3rd from 5:00-7:00

John Carlson, Skamania County Emergency Management Director
Dave Brown, Skamania County Sheriff
Richard Mahar, Chair Skamania County Board of Commissioners

Topics to be covered:

  1. What are different disaster scenarios
  2. What support efforts can we expect from the county
  3. What will happen if SR-14 is impassable
  4. What should I have in an emergency preparedness kit
  5. Can Skamania School operate as an emergency shelter
  6. What will happen if there are medical emergencies
  7. Can Skamania School be used for helicopter evacuations
  8. Can communities such as Skamania Landing consolidate emergency preparedness kits for all households and can the kits be stored at Skamania School
  9. What are the backup communication options if we lose cell and land line service