In July 2020, AKS Engineering & Forestry LLC completed a land survey of Skamania School District’s Woodard Creek Road property with the purpose of identifying property lines, legal and stream easements and to help Skamania create a forest management plan.

Based on the completed land survey, Skamania School District has entered into a contract with HFI Consultants for forest management work, which will include some selective logging on the property. The full scope of the project is under consideration at this time and more information will be shared soon.

The selective logging harvest will improve the health and safety of the property by addressing areas of root rot that are creating a hazard to the country road and clearing a portion of the site for an eventual outdoor learning lab. The market for the sale of logs from the selected harvest areas is favorable at this time, and will also provide the district with the funds to begin construction.

The flow through creek and private water source will be protected with a no harvest buffer that is double the size required by the Department of Natural Resources. Reforestation of the harvested area will occur promptly after the harvest with native species for long term health of the property

Those interested in this selective harvest logging opportunity must complete this contact form.