Dear Skamania Parents and Students, 

I hope that this note finds each of you well. The teachers and staff have been working hard to plan for continuous instruction through distance learning while closed. This update will answer some of your questions.

Recommended daily instructional time:  We will be following Washington State Superintendent of Public instruction guidelines for how much time students should be engaged in learning each day.

TK/Preschool: 30 minutes

Grades K-1: 45 minutes

Grades 2-3: 60 minutes

Grades 4-5: 90 minutes

Grades 6-8: 2.5 hrs max per day

  • Continuous Learning: We are providing continuous instruction through a variety of modalities, such as email, phone, printed learning materials, and available online platforms.  
  • Lesson plans for the week of April 20: Here is the link for the lesson plans that I promised you for each class. It is located on the school website at this link Lesson plan link. You may also find it by going to the school webpage at and following the links for lesson plans on the front page and under resources >school resources. The links include a folder for each class, lesson plans for the week, and additional links to content and resources.  
  • Attendance: Teachers will be recording whether students are accessing class learning. This will help with grading, determining progress during this last quarter and assessing how we are doing at providing continuous instruction during a closure.
  • Online class: Teachers will be conducting at least one live online class each week through Google Classroom. 
  • Assignments: Parents and students will be receiving instruction on how to turn in assignments for review from their teacher. This returned work will help the teacher assess progress and know if the student is accessing the learning opportunities provided. 
  • Internet: We are happy to work with you if the internet is a challenge. Please contact your classroom teacher if you need alternatives to lessons online.  
  • Learning packets: Learning packets for each class may be delivered with meals.  
    • This week, the packets will be coming out on Tuesday. The following weeks they will be delivered on Thursdays for the following week. 
    • Packets can also be picked up at the school office by calling ahead to arranging for pickup. The work in these packets will be due to the teacher  a week after delivery.

Meal program

  • Food will be delivered Monday-Thursday with enough food on Thursday for two days.
  • If you ordered food and cannot make it to pick it up, please call the office and cancel the order.

Coming soon:  

I will be recording a Monday morning meeting message in the near future. This will be on a link in the lesson plans on Mondays. In these school wide meetings, we will wish students and staff a happy birthday, and share any upcoming messages. Until then, please join me in wishing the following students and staff a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to… 

March 6 – Chloe
March 10 – Della
March 14 – Kelly
March 15 – Max
March 20 – Lilly and Indigo
March 23 – Jericho
March 26 – Annalynn
March 27 – Ava
April 3 – Wesley  and Liam
April 4 – Ashlyn
April 10 – Beaux
April 11 – Alison
April 16 – Maia and Jenna
April 20 – Leavitt, Dylan L, Kohl
April 21 – Elizabeth
April 24th – Mrs. Carlton  and Mrs. Hopple


  • Future updates will be shared through letters, the messenger program, our website, and/or on the PTO Facebook. If you have questions, you may reach me at or leave a message on the school phone at 509-427-8239 or write to Amber Warren at Please continue to take good care of yourselves and your families. 
  • Our office hours are M-TH 8-2:00 PM and closed on Friday’s. 

Let me know if you have any questions. We are here to serve you and your child’s needs. 

Dr. Ralph Pruitt, Superintendent
School phone:  509-427-8239