Skamania School is fortunate to be receiving over $350,000 in competitive grant funds for the 2018-19 School year. This will help us make some critical building repairs, develop our STEM project, and provide enrichment activities.

Urgent Repair Grant – $200,000

Skamania School, built in 1946, has had an ongoing issue with lead in the water. The district has taken steps to reduce levels, but the issue has not been totally resolved. We were fortunate to receive this State competitive grant, and a total plumbing replacement will occur in the near future.

Bus replacement – $35,000

We received this grant from the Department of Ecology to replace one of our aging buses. These funds have gone towards the purchase of a new bus, which will arrive in March.

STEM Lighthouse – $20,000

Skamania School has been recognized by the State as a leader in STEM education. This ‘Lighthouse’ recognition, along with grant funds to develop our outdoor lab on the school owned property, is designed to improve Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.

Healthy Kids Healthy Schools – $89,716

The Legislature appropriated funds in a new grant program called Healthy Kids–Healthy Schools. Funding for this grant program will help our school remodel our kitchen and provide support for the PTO sponsored garden project.

Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant (Title IV) – $10,000

We received grant funds to support enrichment activities for our students. Student in third/fourth are receiving swim lessons. In addition, our fifth/sixth graders will attend an outdoor school later in the school year, and our seventh/eighth graders will have an outdoor experience. Finally, all students may attend an after school drama program.