Survey Work Supports Preservation and Legacy of Learning Land Project

Land Surveying Will:

  1. Accurately identify and mark property lines
  2. Identify legal easements
  3. Identify the stream and mark safety zones to protect and preserve the flow-through creek

The land survey work is part of a forest management plan recommendation from the Skamania School District Property Task Force. Recommendations include:

  1. Do not clear cut
  2. Do not sell
  3. Create a forest management plan
  4. Establish zones:
    • Protected zone around community water source
    • Learning lab
    • Harvest area—conduct a selective harvest to improve the health of the property, provide a safe environment, and responsibly generate some revenue to support student education
    • Use property as an education resource

Skamania School Board’s Survey Goal/Objectives:

Better understand the property’s landscape so that we can be good land stewards and create a legacy education property that can be used for student learning for years to come.

  1. Provide an educational benefit to school and area
  2. Provide responsible land management (including preventing forest/brush fires)
  3. Responsibly produce revenue for the school

Future plans for the Woodard Creek Road property include:

  1. Create an educational learning lab/outdoor classroom for Skamania School students
  2. Clear underbrush and manage invasive species to increase wildfire protection
  3. Plant new, root-rot resistant species in cleared area

Previous property preservation work with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Forest Service Management:

  1. Identified the access road location
  2. Identified and tagged unhealthy trees for harvest/ removal to support the growth of healthy surrounding trees

AKS Engineering & Forestry LLC will do the surveying.

Download Flyer with Map