Dear Skamania Staff and Families,

Over the past several years, our school has closely followed the changing COVID guidance and recommendations set forth by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH). Starting on November 1, our state and state health recommendations are transitioning to a new phase of COVID response, one that is more focused on living with the virus, preventing widespread infection, and consistent with other communicable diseases.

Starting on November 1, the state DOH will relax its COVID guidance and prevention strategies for schools. This means that the state guidelines will be more closely aligned with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance and most of the requirements outlined in the previous version of the guidance will shift to recommendations.

Things that are NOT changing:

  • People with COVID symptoms should stay home and isolate themselves from others.
  • If someone shows COVID symptoms while at school, they should be isolated away from others and sent home.
  • Our school will continue to notify those who have potentially been exposed to a confirmed case through email or phone call.
  • Schools must report COVID-19 cases, suspected cases, and outbreaks to their local public health agency.
  • Employers are still required to follow L&I requirements regarding COVID-19 in the workplace, which means that staff will be notified if there is a COVID case in their worksite.

Things that will change as of November 1:

  • The definition of a COVID-19 outbreak has changed from 3 or more cases to 5 or more COVID-19 cases within a core group or 20% of students, teachers, or staff within a core group.
  • Having access to testing at schools is no longer a requirement, however, Skamania will still provide access to testing onsite for students and staff. Please contact Heather if you need assistance.
  • The COVID Decision Tree/Flow Chart will be updated to reflect the changes in guidance and we will share this updated document once it is available.
  • Staff and school volunteers will no longer be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

We appreciate your partnership as we navigate this journey together. If you have questions, please call the school office.


Milt Dennison, Superintendent