Dear Parents,

Today ten excited students in grades 3-5 started in-person on a AA/BB schedule. All is going well! The other half of the group will start on Monday. Our students in grades 6-8 will begin on Thursday, November 12, in a similar AA/BB schedule.

I visit weekly with the Skamania County Health Department. While county numbers are increasing, the Skamania County Health doctor does not recommend changing school opening plans due to the higher numbers. He still thinks it is relatively low risk for students to be in school as long as we follow our health and safety guidelines, including wearing masks and social distancing.

How do I ensure my child is safe and well?

It is important to remember that daily health screening of your child prior to coming to school is a requirement. In addition, please remember that all students must wear masks that are changed and cleaned daily.

Located at this link is a COVID-19 Student Symptom Flow Chart designed for parents to answer the question of when to send your child to school.

What is our next phase of opening for in-person learning?

We are busy planning the next phase of in-person learning. This includes exploring ways for our third through eighth graders to safely attend school four days a week vs. a split two-day schedule. I anticipate that the board will examine that option at our November board meeting. I will let you know as soon as any decision is made. Until then we will remain on the current schedule. Regardless, we are still planning to  offer online school as a continued option when necessary.

What happens with school during Inclement weather?

On another note, we need to consider inclement weather school options as the weather gets colder. We now have the ability to provide distance learning during weather that may normally have closed school in the past. We are exploring that option for the future. Watch our website at for more information in the near future about inclement weather.

Finally, I want to thank each of you for your patience, understanding, and support as we work together to provide the best possible education during these unusual times. I am hopeful that this virus will subside, and we can increase in-person learning. That is what we do best, and we  are anxiously waiting for the day when we are in school five days a week.

All the best,
Dr. Ralph Pruitt, Superintendent/Principal